Oh snap! I completely forgot about this blog.

Errrr… Well as per post title I completely forgot I still had this blog up and active. Checking your password-remembering-gewgaw regularly seems to be the lesson of the day *rollseyes*.

Anyway as the astute visitor probably has noticed, there haven’t been an awful lot of updates here during the past two years or so because I:

  • A) Didn’t have a whole lot sensible to say, so rather than write perpetual update comments for the hell of it, I didn’t write anything. Makes sense no?
  • B) Suffer mildly from iADD (Internet Attention Disorder Deficit) and were distracted by all the other shiny things on the inter… Oooooh YouTube, neat!
  • C) See A & B

Well there you have it. Figure I should continue using this blog as an outlet for my artistic endeavours, I do however hate the name so I’m considering registering a new one under a name I actually fancy. Inkhunter… Sounds like someone who goes about chasing people with tatoos to take pictures of them. Like… A tatoo-paparazzi. Pffff.

Kristian over and out.

… Dammit, never name your children Kristian or Kristina with a “K” instead of “Ch”, it doesn’t look good on anything but Danish. =p


About Kristian Jensen

I'm a 23 year old currently unemployed... err... selfemployed artist/gamer with a passion for both. I spend most of my sparetime gaming, drawing, painting miniatures, photoshopping, modelling, writing, reading, roleplaying... basically anything that most people be consider "geeky" passtimes. I'm not a complete freak though (Well some say I am, so thanks mom!), as I also enjoying regular activities like kicking it in front of the television, watching series and whatnot, going out on the town when feeling like it and playing the guitar (When my dad doesn't borrow it). Favourite music is Heavy Metal and Electric Dance, though I listen to basically every genre depending on my mood.
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