Warhammer Online: pre-launch thoughts and concerns.

As a lot of other gamers around the world, I’ve considered getting myself a copy Warhammer: Age of Reckoning and plunging into the Mythic created version of the Warhammer universe, however a few concerns comes to mind when looking at possible problems and sources of disappointent. First off, it’s not quite clear what the game aims at in terms of basic concepts – is it striving to be an online MMO version of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay or does it aim at being a MMO version of Warhammer Fantasy Battle? Secondly, where does grinding mobs for xp come into the picture in both “concepts” of the game considering that WFRP is story driven adventure with rewards based on roleplaying capabilities and ability to overcome odds stacked against you, while WFB is based around non-xp gaining soldiers on a battlefield, where each soldier is provided as is? It just seems like it’s one of those games where you are a bit confused as to what it actually tries to be when you attempt to relate it to previous game (both on and offline) experiences. One of the things that irks me a bit is the fact that it’s largle advertised as the player being “one of the troops on the battlefield”, but yet every class choice is either an elite unit choice from WFB or a decidedly “Hero” career from WFRP – I just think that it doesn’t mesh that the player is hyped up as being a basic grunt, yet is playing some of the most powerful creatures/classes in the Warhammer Universe.

Bleh, I guess I’ll know soon enough and as long as the game is fun, I figure it’s worth trying, at least the first free month that comes with the purchase of the game. I think I’d rather be playing P&P Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay though, and I’m not giving up miniature modelling because quite frankly the art direction of Warhammer: AOC is disappointing at best.


About Kristian Jensen

I'm a 23 year old currently unemployed... err... selfemployed artist/gamer with a passion for both. I spend most of my sparetime gaming, drawing, painting miniatures, photoshopping, modelling, writing, reading, roleplaying... basically anything that most people be consider "geeky" passtimes. I'm not a complete freak though (Well some say I am, so thanks mom!), as I also enjoying regular activities like kicking it in front of the television, watching series and whatnot, going out on the town when feeling like it and playing the guitar (When my dad doesn't borrow it). Favourite music is Heavy Metal and Electric Dance, though I listen to basically every genre depending on my mood.
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