Gallery Update: Previous Artwork

I just added a few pieces to the previous artwork section that I found lying around my harddrive. Hopefully I’ll find a bit more in the coming weeks and get everything slapped online, so I won’t have to worry too much about accidentally losing some pieces in case I need to wipe my harddisks at a later date.

God knows how often that has happened and she probably also knows by now that a human being is quite capable of kicking itself over the shin whenever it happens.


About Kristian Jensen

I'm a 23 year old currently unemployed... err... selfemployed artist/gamer with a passion for both. I spend most of my sparetime gaming, drawing, painting miniatures, photoshopping, modelling, writing, reading, roleplaying... basically anything that most people be consider "geeky" passtimes. I'm not a complete freak though (Well some say I am, so thanks mom!), as I also enjoying regular activities like kicking it in front of the television, watching series and whatnot, going out on the town when feeling like it and playing the guitar (When my dad doesn't borrow it). Favourite music is Heavy Metal and Electric Dance, though I listen to basically every genre depending on my mood.
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