Yeah. SUCK IT!

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Oh snap! I completely forgot about this blog.

Errrr… Well as per post title I completely forgot I still had this blog up and active. Checking your password-remembering-gewgaw regularly seems to be the lesson of the day *rollseyes*.

Anyway as the astute visitor probably has noticed, there haven’t been an awful lot of updates here during the past two years or so because I:

  • A) Didn’t have a whole lot sensible to say, so rather than write perpetual update comments for the hell of it, I didn’t write anything. Makes sense no?
  • B) Suffer mildly from iADD (Internet Attention Disorder Deficit) and were distracted by all the other shiny things on the inter… Oooooh YouTube, neat!
  • C) See A & B

Well there you have it. Figure I should continue using this blog as an outlet for my artistic endeavours, I do however hate the name so I’m considering registering a new one under a name I actually fancy. Inkhunter… Sounds like someone who goes about chasing people with tatoos to take pictures of them. Like… A tatoo-paparazzi. Pffff.

Kristian over and out.

… Dammit, never name your children Kristian or Kristina with a “K” instead of “Ch”, it doesn’t look good on anything but Danish. =p

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Warhammer Online: Initial impressions

I picked up Warhammer Online this Monday and so far it’s been pretty good, although not breathtakingly innovative compared to what’s already out there on the market. The game mechanics are what you could expect from a game from the makers of DaoC and the setting is one that a lot of my generation are very familiar with and fond of – which is the major reason for getting the game. If it wasn’t based on the Warhammer trademark, I’m pretty sure that the game wouldn’t have cut it for me considering every single class is a carboncopy of previous MMO classes and not that new to play. That being said, I’m still having a good time leveling up a few toons (Already brought one of each Order race to around level 8’ish) and the leveling curve seems pretty stable. The only gripe I have so far (due to playing on an Open RvR server) is the fact that you often see high level characters in somewhat low level public quests, which completely ruins the fun and any chance of a fair battle – it seems that Destruction is most prone to this behaviour, though it’s probably natural as Destruction is overpopulated on every single server, meaning there’s little opposition for them at higher levels as the Order players are too thinly spread through the various tiers to provide much “content” for them.

As for the content there’s plenty of things to do in terms of questing with both regular quests (run somewhere and collect or kill stuff), public quests (run in a localized area and kill stuff) and scenarios (run in a closed area and kill other players) – all of which can be done in three different environments. I find the public quests particularly well done as they bring people together in completing the objectives rather than different groups having to wait their turn at doing the quests as you’d see in a lot of other games – the fact that some of the quests are veritable contests between the two different factions makes them even more interesting providing that both sides actually have a decent turnout of troops.

The classes I’ve tried so far all feel pretty well done without “broken” aspects to them or skills that don’t work which I’ve experienced in a lot of other MMOs even months after launch. My only real gripe on the subject is that Mythic really have taken class role distinction seriously – healers and tanks can’t really kill other players in a one on one fight and the only way to actually bring down other players is bringing enough DPS characters to outdamage any incoming heals on the target. At low levels (my highest char is level 10 so far) there’s only few tools for disruption and crowd control, meaning the only way of winning a fight is damage, damage and more damage all which is reserved for a few classes on each side – this means that if you are in a group or in an public quest against the opposite faction and you don’t have a botload of DPS characters around, you can forget about actually winning and completing it. Of course if you have a few friends or guildies in the same level bracket, it’s not that big of a problem but without them you’ll miss out on a lot of content.

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Gallery Update: Previous Artwork

I just added a few pieces to the previous artwork section that I found lying around my harddrive. Hopefully I’ll find a bit more in the coming weeks and get everything slapped online, so I won’t have to worry too much about accidentally losing some pieces in case I need to wipe my harddisks at a later date.

God knows how often that has happened and she probably also knows by now that a human being is quite capable of kicking itself over the shin whenever it happens.

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Warhammer Online: pre-launch thoughts and concerns.

As a lot of other gamers around the world, I’ve considered getting myself a copy Warhammer: Age of Reckoning and plunging into the Mythic created version of the Warhammer universe, however a few concerns comes to mind when looking at possible problems and sources of disappointent. First off, it’s not quite clear what the game aims at in terms of basic concepts – is it striving to be an online MMO version of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay or does it aim at being a MMO version of Warhammer Fantasy Battle? Secondly, where does grinding mobs for xp come into the picture in both “concepts” of the game considering that WFRP is story driven adventure with rewards based on roleplaying capabilities and ability to overcome odds stacked against you, while WFB is based around non-xp gaining soldiers on a battlefield, where each soldier is provided as is? It just seems like it’s one of those games where you are a bit confused as to what it actually tries to be when you attempt to relate it to previous game (both on and offline) experiences. One of the things that irks me a bit is the fact that it’s largle advertised as the player being “one of the troops on the battlefield”, but yet every class choice is either an elite unit choice from WFB or a decidedly “Hero” career from WFRP – I just think that it doesn’t mesh that the player is hyped up as being a basic grunt, yet is playing some of the most powerful creatures/classes in the Warhammer Universe.

Bleh, I guess I’ll know soon enough and as long as the game is fun, I figure it’s worth trying, at least the first free month that comes with the purchase of the game. I think I’d rather be playing P&P Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay though, and I’m not giving up miniature modelling because quite frankly the art direction of Warhammer: AOC is disappointing at best.

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Soo… I’ve started blogging and need to learn how this works.

As per title, this is my fisrt blog evah, so I’ll need to make som adustments over the course of the next few days. In any case, I figure an introduction is in order as to the who’s and where’s of me so people can get to know me.

I’m an unemployed male of the species homo sapiens with a passion for almost everything related to culture and an interest for things that go on on and in a computer. I live in the town of Aalborg in Denmark where I’ve previously attended the University as an Informatics student but have had quit my studies and have become an active participant on the emplyoment market – you’d be surprised how many crappy jobs are available if you aren’t picky, though I’d prefer to find one that doesn’t leave me sterile or with melted mutant hands… though that would be pretty cool and probably a ticket to celebrity.

As for my passtime interests I draw, paint, play the guitar, watch TV and game… a lot. In fact I could probably become a case study for “gaming obsessions” – I’m not exactly the kind of person who owns a ton of different game systems or plays every new game out there; instead I’m the type of person who will play the crap out of a single game and leave the content in tatters or even make my own if there is a toolset available for it. Needless to say that means I’m a PC gamer and have been all of my lifeĀ  with the exception of the pre-PC era, where Commodore 64 and Amiga 500 were the king of the gaming scene. Ever since Doom was released however, I’ve largely stuck to the PC and have generally played most games worth playing in the FPS genre (with the exception of Q3 – I was a hardcore UT fan and still am to some extent).

In any case, my future plans for this blog is to act as an outlet for various frustrations, rants, things and thoughts about gaming, publishing my artwork and generally getting some practice writing “article” type posts for future reference. Hopefully some of the content should lure some unfortunate souls here so that I won’t be completely alone… on the other hand I’m used to running solo – some of my most memorable conversations have been with myself… while on the toilet.

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